Copia e incolla il testo in una mail a: Unità di Crisi, Ministero degli Esteri, Consolato, Rappresentanze diplomatiche dei principali paesi in Palestina   Urgent – From Gaza – Evacuation warning North and Center of the Strip Overnight, residents of the Gaza Strip received a warning on their phones from the Israeli army to evacuate the entire northern and central area of the Strip by 2PM local time on October 13. The United Nations also received the same communication to evacuate all their staff and facilities including schools and hospitals. The area has been under incessant bombing for five consecutive days, and roads are destroyed. There is no safe place in Gaza. There is no electricity or fuel. This request is unreasonable, it is not possible to move over a million people in a few hours. Any decision in this situation risks making us all complicit in war crimes because it means leaving behind innocent civilians who have the right to be protected, including the most vulnerable, such as the elderly, internally displaced persons, sick people, and hundreds of thousands of children. We urge you to do everything in your power to stop Israel, before the bloody scenarios envisaged by the representatives of its Government, starting from the Prime Minister, become reality and the civilian population of the Gaza Strip once again pays the price for his clear intent of revenge.   Manda questo testo a: